Monday, May 29, 2017

Cough Cough

Its been years since I last putting a post up.

Not sure if I will continue to blog. 

Well I am getting tired searching for the one.. Everyone seems to be searching but no one willing to stop and hold. Everyone passing by or just treat you as a temporarily needs satisfaction. But no one willing to hold you till the end as you are the one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I am back... First post: UNFRIEND

Its been years since my last blog entry. I am back. 

Its weird for me to start writing again. I have actually lot of things to be written down but somehow I just lazy to open my computer to write on it.

But somehow today I have this eager to write again. And to start with the most current issue of what has happened to me is about this guy who has defaced me in FB.


Its all started when i just broke off with my bf, this guy appeared in my life (TW). Well he told me how much he love me etc, and I was like treating him like a rebound until when I feel he is a bit too serious and I told him to stop which is around 1 month after we know each other. And I told him maybe after 6 months.. And so he said he willing to wait.

Well everything went well when he said he is fine to be my friends etc, then I introduced my 3 years ex-bf now bff, KJ to him a week after the incident. So we went out and go for a concert together. Within a day TW fall for KJ! Love at first sight!! I was like damn piss.. ok I shouldn't I know but yet I can't understand why a guy can fall for another so fast. So I was a bit piss off and both TW & KJ knew it.

Well KJ is fine for this and he totally understand. Well for TW initially he is not happy on how I behaved but eventually he said he is ok after I apologized. Well we still chat and he often msg me through fb to me about KJ. Cause he wants to know more abt him and how to win over KJ heart. So of course truthfully i let him know a lot of KJ information on how he wants things to be.

So I thought everything is fine until one day TW unfriend me in FB... well when I questioned him, he said he accidentally unfriend me, then he admitted he is not friend of mine. He said he never treated me as friend. And the conversation between him and I is just CONVERSATION which is not a friend thing.

Well then I called KJ immediately on this. KJ then told me maybe he rejected TW a lot of times that is why he is like then decided to unfriend me. Well so maybe he does not see the benefit of having me anymore then.

First, I am furious on this. I feel betrayed. I feel that how can a person doing this. 

Well now I try to be non-chalant. So I saw him yesterday in food court and he said hi to me and of course i replied him back.

But to be true, he is not a friend that is worth me angry at. Well now he is spreading untruth stories about this DEFACED issue in fb to all his friends and our common friends. Well lucky my common friends are very rational and able to see the black and white.

Well Im just lucky to see through this friend this fast and thanks to him revealing himself as the bitch this fast.